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Tropical Ingredients for Ultra-Premium Products

We’ve traveled the globe in pursuit of the highest quality tropical ingredients. The result is our selection of exceptional ingredients that elevate your product’s quality, taste, and story.

  • Premium Wholesale Frozen Organic Young Thai Coconut Water

    Young Coconut Water

    Our certified USDA Organic farms offer access to ultra-clean, premium young coconut water, furnished to you in frozen drums, vacuum-sealed bags, or foodservice PET bottles for further processing.

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  • Premium Wholesale Frozen Organic Young Thai Coconut Meat

    Young Coconut Meat

    Extracted directly from hand-selected organic Thai coconuts, our young coconut meat is packed in vacuum-sealed bags to be further processed into beverages, frozen desserts, and vegan yogurts.

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All of our ingredients are USDA Organic and EarthKosher certified.

At Whole Sol Blend Bar, we decided from day one that we would find the purest form of açaí on the planet. We scoured the globe, assessed dozens of suppliers, and made no compromises. The bottom line is simple: Sweet Origins is an ultra-premium class of its own. We could not be happier with the quality & consistency of their products.

Phil Dumontet CEO & Co-Founder of Whole Sol

Whole Sol is a Colorado-based blend bar that uses organic ingredients and superfoods to create healthy and delicious dishes.